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Why you should never answer to this e-mail ?

Thanks God ..and the Federal Reserve, I'm a rich man now !

Rich - Scamming - 4Investors

  • Yes, thanks to (y)our rational spirit this seems impossible. However, during my career I met several people that really thought they touched the sky ! It happens mostly when people are facing hard times or are afraid about the future and are desperately looking for solutions regarding financial issues.

  • So thanks to those scammers, this is the occasion to share this warning !

The international authorities wish to warn us about this type of fraud and unfortunately a lot of people are answering to this kind of e-mails.

Febelfin (Belgian Bank Association) published in march 2021 statistics about this issue :

✔ 67.000 fraudulent transactions in our country for a total of 34 MM €

✔ Belgian banks blocked +/- 75 % of those transactions thanks to their anti-fraud

systems and procedures.

Furthermore, experts in cybercrime expect that in 2025 this type of fraud will represent 10.5 Billion USD worldwide. (source : Cybersecurity Ventures)

In case of doubt please take contact with your bank and/or your national authorities like FSMA and Federal Police in Belgium.

Some interesting links :

Belgian Federal Police :


NB : Of course you knew that John C. Williams is not the President of the Federal Reserve 😉

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